In 2003 formed based on a marger of a few different websites/forums, E-Series Owners Club sought to bring EA-EL Falcon fans together under a single banner, as time progressed Boosted Falcon was formed out of the E-Series Owners Club as a natural progression towards bigger and better things, whilst our main focus is the modification of E-Series Falcons, we have opened our ranks to welcome our like minded Early and late model Falcons. With a number of E-Series Owners Club members moving onto the newer cars (and in some cases, older cars) we saw fit to evolve the club to ensure it was about the members and their interest, not just what they owned.

With some pasionate members we have been able to far excede what we ever set out to do. Boosted Falcon was involved in holding Victoria’s biggest Ford Only Cruise with its Annual Cruise for Charity, with an additional focus on show n shines, cruises and social events.

as more time passed, the core group had dwindled and E-Series vehicles had moved beyond just cheap transport, passion was returning to the E-Series models, to better focus efforts a commitee was gathered and 2016 saw E-Series Owners Club return to its roots and was once again known as E-Series Owners Club as a registered entity.

E-Series Owners Club accepts memberships of owners of EA-EL Falcon’s, including their Long Wheelbase Counterparts (NA-NL, DA-DL) and the XG/XH Falcon Utes that were sold along side the E-Series.




  • April 2001 – First EA Falcon Page started
  • June 2001 – EA Discussion Board Started
  • August 2001 – Site Reached 2500 Hits
  • January 2002 – EA Discussion Board outgrew its Discussion Board.
  • January 2002 – EA Club Started
  • February 2002 – EA Owners Club reached 50 Members
  • April 2002 – Site moved from ford.i8.com to eafalcon.com
  • May 2002 – Club focus was shifted to EA-ED Falcons
  • May 2002 – Partnership formed between Sundeep’s EF/EL Page and eafalcon.com
  • May 2002 – eafalcon.com Discussion Board moved to Fordforums.com
  • 2003 – EA-ED Club and EF/EL Club merged to become E-Series Owners Club.
  • December 2004 – E-Series Owners Club Forums moved to Fordforums.com.au
  • June 2007 – E-Series Owners Club Split with FordForums.com.au
  • June 2007 – Boosted Falcon Formed by Senior Members of E-Series Owners Club
  • July 2016 – E-Series Owners Club Returns
  • July 2017 – ESOC celebrates first Year as a Registered Club with over 100 financial members