Club Permit

E-Series Owners Club is approved by Vicroads to offer Club Permits to members with eligible vehicles.

Club Permits from ESOC are available to all E-Series Models older then 25 years (To the build Month)

To learn more about the use and limitations of a Club Permit, please visit VicRoads website:


To apply for a club permit:

  1. Check your car is eligible for club permit. (25 years old or more and the build month)
  2. Notify ESOC of your interest in a club permit and supply photos and details of the vehicle you want the permit for. Your photos and details will then be presented to the ESOC Committee to certify that the car meets club standards.
  3. Once approved by the ESOC committee, if you are not already a financial member, sign up to be a financial member of ESOC. Membership application can be found on our website. Club permit membership is $60 per year.
  4. VicRoads requires all new club permit applications to supply a RWC. Which you will need to acquire to have your car on club permit. This is required regardless of if your car is currently registered or unregistered.
  5. Once you have your RWC you will need to fill out the 2 forms for club permit which you will find on the VicRoads website.
  1. Once you have your RWC and the two forms from VicRoads filled out you are now required to present these forms and the vehicle to the ESOC scrutineer. The ESOC scrutineer will do the final quick check over the vehicle for club standards. Once he has done this he will then sign off. (Please note the permit officer will take photos of the vehicle and all paperwork for club reference, we are required to do this by law)
  2. Once all your paperwork is signed off you then need to take your RWC and your ESOC signed off VicRoads paperwork to your closest VicRoads. They will then supply you with your club permit number plates and log book.